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Scranton Emergency Orthodontist

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Orthodontic emergencies in Scranton

Scranton emergency orthodontist
Scranton emergency orthodontist

Our Scranton emergency orthodontist is here to help when you have an urgent problem that is related to your braces. At Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics, our office will put a priority on having you seen as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we can offer you valuable guidance and advice on what to do in the meantime, so that you can minimize any risk of injury or deal with one that has already occurred.

Lost, broken, or protruding wires or ligatures are not at all uncommon. The priority for you is to avoid cutting your tongue, cheek, or gums. You might be tempted to just cut the wire, but it is essential that you do not. There is a very real danger that the piece you cut will be accidentally swallowed, creating with it a much more serious emergency. Instead, use the eraser end of a pencil to push the wire back into place. Or put a small piece of orthodontic wax over the wire’s edge to prevent injury. If you do get scratched or cut, our Scranton emergency orthodontist suggests that you rinse with warm salt water or use an antiseptic rinse. For any discomfort involved, take over-the-counter pain relief medication. For a knocked off bracket, which can also injure your gums, cheek, or tongue, put orthodontic wax over it. This versatile tool is also good for putting between your braces and the inside of your mouth if you are suffering from friction-related irritation. In all such cases of orthodontic emergencies, you will still want to come in for a visit at your earliest convenience so that the necessary repairs can be made properly and professionally.

Reach out to us right away when an urgent need arises. Our Scranton emergency orthodontist is available to take care of the situation and we will set up a prompt appointment.

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