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Clear braces in Scranton

Invisalign started a revolution in braces by saying that the negative aspects of orthodontic care that were once just accepted could now be eliminated entirely. Here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics, we proudly feature the clear braces of Invisalign as an option for you, our valued patient.

To understand how different Invisalign is, you have to compare them to the traditional metal version of our Scranton braces. Metal has been the standard since the beginnings of orthodontic treatment. But clear braces are made from plastic instead. And that brings two impressive benefits. First, they’re invisible. No one knows you are wearing them unless you tell them. You won’t feel awkward or self-conscious when talking, smiling, or laughing. And plastic is more comfortable, which probably comes as no surprise. You won’t have any chance of soreness or irritation from Invisalign. You can take your clear braces out and put them back in. Eat without them in so that you can enjoy all of your favorite foods without restrictions. And take them out also to brush and floss. Your oral hygiene will be more efficient as a result. Otherwise, leave our Scranton braces in all day and all night, including while you sleep. They’re constantly at work to move your teeth into a more ideal position. One last advantage of them: you only have to come to our office once per six weeks during your treatment. That’s because there are no adjustments to be made by our orthodontist. You’ll simply discard your existing braces after two weeks and then put in the next set. In all, you can expect to use about 18 to 30 total sets of aligners, which is the typical average.

Our Scranton braces give you the healthier and more appealing smile you deserve. Schedule an appointment at our office by calling us right now.

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