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Acceledent Braces in Scranton

Not everyone has a perfectly straight smile, but getting one is now easier than ever. Orthodontic treatment has advanced exponentially over the years, and now you can get a straighter smile in no time. Here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics we offer a wide variety of different orthodontic treatments, including new state-of-the-art options like Acceledent braces. For more information on this new treatment and to find out whether you’re eligible for Scranton Acceledent braces, then our orthodontic experts are here to help.

Though teenagers are most closely associated with braces, braces can be prescribed to patients of most ages, including children and adults. Depending on the needs, and preferences, of the patient, treatment can be implemented early on in life if necessary, or later if desired. When it comes to Acceledent braces, you can get the smile of your dreams in no time. Most people know that braces need to be worn for at least two years to produce minimal results, but with Scranton Acceledent braces, you can have a straighter smile in half the time. According to patient testimonials, your new smile can be a reality in just a little over a year, even if you are an adult. Teens are usually better candidates for braces because they are still growing, and treatment time is usually shorter while adult treatment is longer, but with Acceledent braces, even adult treatment time can be cut down to as short as six months. Our orthodontists here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics would be more than happy to take a look at your needs to see exactly what your treatment would entail. From there, you can begin first steps and be well on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted.

If you want to learn more about Scranton Acceledent braces or other orthodontic treatments, feel free to call us here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics to set up a preliminary appointment at the Professional Arts Building on 327 North Washington Avenue in Suite 1003.

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