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Pediatric Orthodontics Scranton

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Kids Orthodontics in Scranton

Pediatric Orthodontics Scranton
Pediatric Orthodontics Scranton9

When people often think of braces, they imagine teenagers sporting metal brackets and wires, but people of all ages can get braces and benefit from orthodontic care for a variety of reasons. Though teenagers tend to be the preferred demographic for this sort of care since the changes are easier to implement for a variety of reasons, when kids need braces it is often for medical reasons. If you are looking for someone who offers pediatric orthodontics in Scranton, then we here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics can make sure that your child gets the care they need.

Braces and other similar orthodontic treatments can be used to meet medical and cosmetic ends, though when it comes to pediatric braces they are often needed because of the former. Dentists and orthodontists usually hold off on braces until early adolescence when a teen has all or most of their adult teeth yet is still growing. Because teens are still growing but no longer have their baby teeth is what makes them prime candidates for orthodontic care, but as stated above people of all ages can get braces. Here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics we can provide families with pediatric orthodontics in Scranton to help improve dental health and prevent the need for more intensive oral surgery later in life. Usually, kids undergo orthodontic care early if they have a particularly severe problem, such as a malocclusion that deeply affects their bite, having an impact not only on dental health but on everyday activities like eating or speaking. Severely crooked or crowded teeth and other dental problems are often treated early, too.

Some kids who undergo orthodontic care early need braces again later on, but not all do. If you know your child needs pediatric orthodontics in Scranton, then we here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics can provide your child with the care they need and ensure that their dental health is restored.

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