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Honesdale Orthodontist

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Orthodontist office in Honesdale

The key to what makes our practice special here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics is that we offer both the benefits of technology when it comes to optimal tooth and jaw alignment, as well as the friendly, personalized care that has helped us to build reputation.

Traditional metal braces may seem hopelessly old-fashioned to some people, but they remain a fixture when it comes to optimal results. Furthermore, the metal braces offered by our Honesdale orthodontist represent a more lightweight and stylish version, not at all thick, clunky, and visually unappealing like the ones from the past were. You are by no means limited to them, though. Invisalign is the revolutionary alternative to metal braces. Its aligners are fashioned from clear plastic, making them invisible and comfortable. In addition, they are removable, allowing you to take them out for meals and thereby enjoy all of your favorite foods during the course of your treatment. Part of that technology we mentioned earlier is demonstrated with Invisalign. State-of-the-art 3D software and cutting-edge machinery allow our Honesdale orthodontist to make your aligners to precision here in our office, with no outside dental lab required. Other examples of modern orthodontics are Carriere SLX Braces and Carriere Class II and III motion appliances, and Acceledent, all of which are associated with faster and more efficient treatment. And continuing with the idea of aesthetically pleasing options, we also make Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets available. Among the many pluses associated with them is that they blend in so well with your tooth color, and are less noticeable as a result.

For the ultimate in selection, along with a strong focus on your needs and preferences, we urge you to reach out to our office so we can schedule an appointment for you with our Honesdale orthodontist.

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